st3m.ui.led_patterns module

None of these functions call leds.update(), to actually see the changes you have to do that yourself!

led_patterns.highlight_petal_rgb(num: int, r: float, g: float, b: float, num_leds: int = 5) None

Sets the LED closest to the petal and num_leds-1 around it to the given rgb color. If num_leds is uneven the appearance will be symmetric.

led_patterns.shift_all_hsv(h: float = 0, s: float = 0, v: float = 0) None

Shifts all LEDs by the given values. Clips effective s and v.

led_patterns.pretty_pattern() None

Generates a random pretty pattern and loads it into the LED buffer.

led_patterns.set_menu_colors() None

If not disabled in settings: Tries to load LED colors from /flash/menu_leds.json. Else, or in case of missing file, call pretty_pattern(). Note: There is no caching, it tries to attempt to read the file every time, if you need something faster use leds.get_rgb to cache it in the application.